Ninja Classes

Your Ninja Class Awaits

Our classes focus on building strength, balance, determination, and confidence.  We work on strengthening core muscles and grip strength.  All ninjas need good balance, so we do various exercises and practice obstacles to continually improve our balance.  Not everything comes easy on the course or in life, and we help the kids develop determination to overcome their fears on the course and turn those into successes.  These rewarding experiences constantly build up their confidence to knowing that through patience, hard work, and determination they can accomplish great things on and off the course.  We try to adjust the obstacles or challenges to fit each ninja’s skill level.


Kids Ninja

Little Ninjas (ages 5-8): Mondays and Tuesdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm.  Classes are taught by our Ninja Coaches Dan, Jason, or Rachel.  Kids learn the basics of balance and hanging obstacles.

Big Ninjas (ages 9-14): Tuesdays from 7pm-8pm.  Classes are taught by our Ninja Coaches Dan, Jason, or Rachel.  In this class, we take the basic skills the kids have learned and take them to the next level.

Family Ninja

A ninja class for your whole family.  Adults and kids can learn together no matter their age.

Teen and Adult Ninja

Adult and Teen Ninja/OCR Training (ages 15 and older): Tuesdays from 8pm-9pm.  Classes are taught by Ninja Coaches Dan or Jason. In this class, participants learn complex obstacles such as the salmon ladder and pegboard.

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